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Candy Crush 70

The focus on Candy Crush 70 is chocolate and combos. to pass this level, try to; Work the left side of the screen first. Look for four candy matches to generate stripes. Combine the stripes with other stripes, or even better, with wrapped or sprinkle candies. This takes care of jellies and chocolate on the right side without even having to touch that side of the board.

Keep the chocolate in check

Easier said than done, but try to keep the chocolate under wraps until you need to release it. After it is released, you need to remember that chocolate only multiplies when you don’t clear a chocolate on the previous move.

Plan ahead

Plan your moves ahead, especially while chocolate still exists on the board. You can clear a chunk of the chocolate with successive moves that stop new chocolate from generating.

Cascading matches

As always, look for vertical matches, low on the board. Stick to the left side of the board, per above. This sets cascading matches and generates free combos.

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