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Candy Crush 79

Candy crush 79 contains a combination of caged candies and chocolate. A bad combination!

Watch the above video and follow these tips to better your chances of moving on soon.

Who let the chocs out?

Try to clear as much jelly as you can without releasing the chocolate. As soon as its free, you will spend moves keeping it at bay. At some point you need to let it out. After you do, try to plan your moves ahead of time, to pin the chocolate back by hitting it with several successive moves. Remember….chocolate doesn’t generate if any chocolate is destroyed the move before.

Work the bottom and watch the top

Look for vertical matches at the bottom of the screen, to maximize the number of cascading matches. This helps to remove other jellies without costing extra moves. Always look for opportunities to remove jellies at the top when you can though.


Look for power combos. Wrapped candies too work well, especially around the caged candies.

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